10 Weird Wedding Photos That Will Make You Say WTH

A Wedding day is considered the most happy day in couple's life, and when you have make the most of it some couple's goes beyond usual ceremony.
Some of this photos are taken on purpose and some are just hilarious accident.
Here is the 10 most weirdest photos that we did find around the web.

1. Racy


This photo seems little racy for most weddings but these couple looks happy. 

2. The llama

The llama

A perfect timed photo, when this couple about to have a nice kiss, a llama in the background just staring at them.

3. Horrified


The couple look very exciting while the person standing next to them looks absolutely horrified.

4. Grabbing


A strange picture of a bride and a young boy grabbing her chest and looks curious.

5. Shirtless man

Shirtless man

A weird picture of a couple that are looking sad when a half naked man walking behind them.

Weird Wedding Photos