11 Health Myths You Think Are True Buy They Aren’t

Over the years, several health myths have cropped up. You can tell that some of these are true, and some of them certainly aren’t. To separate fact from fiction, we gathered these health myths that you often hear even from doctors!

Here, these are the most common health myths and the evidence behind them.

#1 Reading at night hurt your eyes.

Reading in a poorly lit room won't harm your eyesight. Your eyes may get tired of reading in the dark, but in the long term, you will not face severe problems with vision.

#9 Teething cause fever.

Teething can cause a fever. Even though it's a myth, many parents think that it's normal for a child to have a high fever when they are teething. Maybe, teething can sometimes cause a small fever (usually when the first tooth appears). But if you notice that your baby has a high temperature (100-100°F), it is the symptom of another illness.

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