7 Interesting Facts About Women That Will Surprise You

Women are amazing! They are beautiful and powerful in their own right. Also, they can achieve anything they set their minds to. In fact, they’re still so many more exciting and unusual things about the nature of women.

So, we collected for you these seven modern scientific research studies about women that some of them are maybe controversial.

#1 A woman will remember what should be done, not what has been done.

Men always forget to buy certain foods or to take out the trash, and there’s a scientific explanation for this. In 2015, Liana Palermo did set up a test and offered 100 men and women different tasks to test their memory with an interval from 2 minutes to one day. As a result, women are better at remembering functions for the future, whereas the completed tasks are forgotten as they are in men.

Women have a lot of household tasks, and they have to keep a lot of things in mind. That’s how their memory gets trained.

#2 Women can smell men’s pheromones in a crowd.

American study stated that the healthier a man is, the stronger his odor is when attracting women. In fact, a woman can sense a man’s presence even at a perfume store where in the same place, other women have just sprayed perfume on their wrists. Also, a female’s sense of smell can even identify a man’s immunity.

Scientists from British Columbia University concluded that a partner’s odor in most conditions calms a woman down. It’s no longer surprising that women wear the T-shirt of their partners to feel closer to them when they are away from them.

#3 Women fall in love slower than men.

Whatever provokes love, the brain, heart, or hormones. Men tend to fall in love much easier and faster than women. Studies also showed that 1 of 4 men fell in love between the 1st and 4th dates; on the other hand, only 15% of women reached the same result.

Many women, in many cases, confessed that even after 20 dates, they couldn’t quite feel the butterflies in their stomach for men anymore. So women needed a bit more time cause they are a little bit selective.

#4 Toxicosis during pregnancy is good for women.

Based on a Canadian study in Toronto, toxicosis during pregnancy contributes to the healthy development of a fetus. For example, morning sickness and headaches are both a result of the defense mechanism that protects a fetus from harmful toxins. So, these unpleasant symptoms are suitable for a woman’s health.

But, symptoms like hyperemesis (excessive vomiting) and severe stomach pains are not as healthy. So, in this case, you should visit your doctor immediately.

#6 The more children a woman has, the faster she ages.

If a woman doesn’t want to age faster, it’s better to have few children. In fact, researchers from the University of George Mason found out that most women who gave birth to a child have shorter telomeres than those who didn’t. It means that the parts of chromosomes responsible for DNA protection get smaller with age. 

Women from different ages took part in the study, and it turned out that the more kids a woman has, the shorter her telomeres become.

Thus, this can be the result of different reasons like stress, for example.

#7 Ladies in red make other women jealous.

Adam Pazda from the Slovak Academy of Sciences conducted an unusual experiment. In which, he asked men and women to look at photos of women and express their opinions about them. The photos showed women dressed in red while the rest wore other colors. 

This unusual experiment showed that most women consider another woman wearing red a threat to their relationship.

Both men and women considered red dresses to be uninhibited and carefree. Also, women mentioned that they wouldn’t want their men to communicate with such ladies like those in the photos.

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