9 Amazing Facts About Redhead

Dying A Red Hair Is A Tough Task


Only about 1 to 2% of the world’s population is born with red hair, which makes them super unique. Most of the redheads are found in the Western and Northern European. Of which, Scotland tops the list of holding the highest population of redheads at 13%, and second by Ireland at 10%.


Also, the redhead has always been associated with myths and stereotypes. But with the progressing time at hand, most people have realized the uniqueness and even envied those who sport this bold red hair color.

Redheads are incredibly beautiful and are so special with so many amazing and interesting facts, some of which you might have never heard.


So, let us explore more about the alluring ginger facts with this list of 9 amazing redhead facts you should know.


  1. Red Hair Is A Genetic Mutation

Red Hair Is A Genetic Mutation

Both parents must bear the redhead gene for their baby to be a redhead, but not necessarily be redheads themselves. It is impossible, biologically, to have a ginger child if one of the partners does not have a ginger gene. But there is about a 50% chance for parents who are not redheads but carry the ginger gene to produce ginger head offspring.


  1. The Redheads Can Make Their Own Vitamin D

Redheads have lower concentrations of melanin; therefore, when exposed to sun, their body cannot absorb sufficient vitamin D. However, they generate their vitamin D when they are presented in low sunlight conditions.


  1. Ginger Head Has Thicker Hair Strand

Ginger Head Has Thicker Hair Strand

A natural ginger head has a much thicker hair strand than compared with other hair colors. So they might look like they have so much hair, but in fact, they have lesser hair.

Ginger hair has about 90,000 total number of hair strands, while blondes have, on average, about 110,000 number of strands, and 140,000 hairs strands for brunettes.


  1. Redheads In Most Cases Never Turn Gray

Redheads In Most Cases Never Turn Gray

Another interesting redhead fact is that they do not easily go gray because their hair tends to preserve its natural pigments relatively longer than the other hair colors. The red hair slowly fades to a dull copper and blonde color and then to shimmery white.


  1. Dying A Red Hair Is A Tough Task

Dying A Red Hair Is A Tough Task

As mentioned above, since the hair retains its pigments very firmly, it is very stubborn to dye ginger hair to another color. Unless you strip off the pigments of the red strands by bleaching.


  1. Lower Pain Tolerance

Red Hair have Lower Pain Tolerance

Redheads are said to be more sensitive and have lower pain tolerance. And this is because it is said that the red hair causing gene mutation is on the very same gene, which is linked to the pain receiver. Also, this is why it is reported that redheads require 20% more anesthesia for any medical procedures.


  1. Lower Risk Of Prostate Cancer

A study has shown that redheaded men are 54% less likely to grow prostate cancer compared to men of different shades of hair.


  1. Redheads Feel The Cold And Hot Temperatures More Acutely

Redheads Feel The Cold And Hot Temperatures More Acutely

Their ginger gene has also led them to be more sensitive to changing temperatures. Study shows that redheads tend to feel considerably hot when the heat is mild for people with other hair colors. And they tend to feel pain when the temperature drops, unlike people of different hair colors who haven’t flinch yet.


  1. Redhead Can Be Of Any Ethnicity

Redhead Can Be Of Any Ethnicity

Though redheads are commonly housed in the Western and Northern Europeans, you can still find the ginger gene in other ethnicities with darker skin, like Morocco, Jamaica, etc.



These ginger facts have distinctly shown us that they are rare and exclusive. No wonder, they are fairly aware of their uniqueness and are proud bearers of their beautiful and bold red hair.

With these lists of redhead facts, make sure that you have a good time exploring and learning more about this rare beauty.


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