9 Myths About Fast Food you Might Have Thought Were True

Who doesn’t love eating out sometimes?  First, It’s easier than making food at home. Second, People tend to eat at restaurants cause they want something different than home cooking specialties. But, there is a lot to say about what is real and what is fake happening in those restaurants. 

Many people have made up many rumors about each and every one of them. 

We’re here to separate REAL fact from FAKE by exposing commonly believed fast food myths.

#1 There isn’t actually chicken in the chicken McNuggets

There were rumors about MCDONALD’S that their McNuggets are not made with real chicken. Instead, they are made with a light pink substance that is similar to the texture of ice cream. It's never been the case, the pink stuff is mechanically separated meat. However, since 2003, McDonald’s menu item has been made with all white chicken meat.

#2 Mcdonald’s burgers contain body parts

Mcdonald’s finds itself in the middle of very strange position when it comes to rumors about their food. Many rumors that are about this place claim that there are body parts in the meals. If you imagine it ! oh !! how Disgusting ! some claim that there are body parts while others say that there are body parts from animals. However, there is nothing even remotely that strange in their food. Their patties are 100% beef, according to the USDA, and there are no fillers or additives of any kind.

#9 Starbucks got its name from the person who founded it

People used to believe that Starbucks ‘s name was taken from the person who founded it but that is not the case. 

the three men who created the chain, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker decided that the name of their store would start with “st”, But they didn’t know what are the rest of the name would be until they find an old mining map. 

The map included the name of an old town called Starbo. this is when Bowker thought about “Starbuck,” a character from the book Moby-Dick. So, the famous brand of coffee came from a book and a map. 

How inspiring!

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Written by danny

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