Keto French Silk Pie Recipe

If you have some idea about the keto diet, then you understand how restrictive it can be. But if you are smart, there are ways you can incorporate healthy and nutritious food on your menu. 


Keto dessert is not a very common food item for those who practice the diet. Since the diet puts a cap on your carb intake, dessert is not a priority for many keto dieters. But a low carb keto dessert can be your comfort food while on the crusade to achieve ketosis. 


Today we are sharing one of our favorite keto desserts – Keto French Silk Pie Recipe.

Keto dessert


Ingredients that you will need.


For the Oreo crust or coconut crust. 


· Almond flour 1 ½ cups 

· Cocoa powder 3 tbsp 

· One large egg 

· Erythritol 1/3 cup 

· Butter ¼ cup 

· Baking powder ½ tsp 

· Sea salt ¼ tsp 

· Vanilla extract 1 tsp 


For cream cheese filling.


· Cream cheese 16 oz  

· Sour cream 4 tbsp  

· Whipping cream 3/4 cup  

· Dark chocolate 3 oz 

· Unsweetened cocoa powder ½ cup  

· Vanilla extract 1 tsp  

· Erythritol ½ cup 


For the whipped cream topping.


· Heavy cream 3/4 cup  

· Sweetener (Powdered) 2 tbsp powdered 

· Vanilla extract 1 tsp  

· Cocoa powder or shavings of dark chocolate


Steps to make the silk pie. 

Low Carb Keto dessert

· Gather all the dry ingredients and add them to a food processor along with the butter. Additionally, you can also use a blender for the same purpose. Pulse until everything is mixed thoroughly.


· Next, add the egg to the mixture, followed by the vanilla extract. Pulse for another three to four minutes. 


· Transfer the batter to a greased pan. A 9-inch pan is the recommended dish for this recipe. 


· Pre-bake the crust until fully cooked. Allow it to cool completely.


While the crust is cooling, you need to work on the filling


· Take all the ingredients for the filling and mix it thoroughly. Continue to do so until you get a fluffy and light texture. 


You are now ready to assemble the silk pie.


· Fill the pie with the cream cheese filling. Use light handed motion so that you do not stress the crust.

· Allow it to refrigerate for a minimum of six hours before you serve this delicious and healthy keto dessert. 

· Before you serve the pie, top it off with a generous dollop of whipped cream followed by cocoa powder or the chocolate shavings. 


Enjoy your low carb keto dessert!

Keto French Silk Pie

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