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21 Real Life Disney Characters

Do you think disney characters are fiction ? then think again, from hiro hamada of the movie big hero to Flash of zootopia and Elsa from frozen we compiled in this list some people that really looks like disney cartoon characters, list has some ordinary people and also some well known stars like Nicky Minaj, Steve Harvey and Chris Hemsworth.


1. This Little Girl Looks Like Merida From Brave


2. This Boy Looks Like Hiro Hamada From Big Hero


3. Jean Sarkozy Looks Like Prince Adam From The Movie Beauty And The Beast


4. Nicky Minaj Looks Like Mrs Potato Head From Toy Story


5. Khal Drogo Looks Like Scar From The Movie Lion King


6. This Girl Looks Like Flash From Zootopia


7. This Kid Looks Like Russel From The Movie Up

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