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26 Most Beautiful Places On Earth

When it came to my favorite places to travel to for vacation a lot of them really cross my mind, so in this post i will list my most beautiful destination for some piece of mind.


1. Phi Phi Islands, Thailand


2. Antigua, Caribbean


3. Easter Island, Chile


4. The Li River, China


5. The Quirang, Scotland


6. The Isle of Lewis, Scotland


7. Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia


8. Island of Capri, Italy


9. Djerba, Tunisia


10. Baguio City, Philippines


11. Tayrona Park, Colombia


12. Assisi, Italy


13. Santorini, Greece


14. Bali, Indonesia


15. Tozeur, Tunisia


16. Achill Island, Ireland


17. Lake Lucerne, Switzerland


18. The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


19. Lalibela, Ethiopia


20. Theth, Albania


21. Chiang Mai, Thailand


22. Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia


23. Gili Trawangan, Indonesia


24. Agerola, Italy


25. Istanbul, Turkey


26. Playa Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


What do you think?


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