10 Adorable Cats Who Fell In Love With Dogs

It’s always known that cats and dogs are foes. Whenever they get together, they fight like well, cats and dogs. But this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, they can live harmoniously under one roof. If you can’t believe it, look at these pictures, it will show you they can be friends! You will be amazed at how cute they are!

#1 I got your back

This dog is definitely not happy, he is suffering because of his cone, but his best friend is sharing in his suffering! This cute cat will stay by his side all the way until he gets better. 

She doesn’t mind being trapped all day in that cone as long as she is with him. For better or for worse!

#2 I love you, bro

You can tell how interested this sweet cat in this dog like she is saying “I love you, big brother”. The affection between them is remarkable.

#3 Happy ever after

This cat is head over heels in Love with her puppy! She seems to be so relaxed, just wants to hold him close and never let him go. This is the happiest moment EVER.

#4 True Love

This cat-dog duo is just too cute! The kitty looks so happy with her companion. She is curling up to her big fluff ball. This looks amazing! You can only see true Love.

#5 You are mine

This cat found her favorite puppy. She won’t let him go for anything. She is grabbing him like she is saying, “ If you touched him, I would kill you “.

#6 Love you, kitty

This kitty just likes having all the attention; she gets all the Love and affection from her furball. How cute this could be!

#7 Poor doggy!

This dog looks so sad, on the other side, the kitty is in full happiness! She seems very blissful. Don’t move, Be still, doggie. You’re a good boy!

#8 Can’t be more Romantic!

It’s a good time at the beach. This pair seems to have the best time of day, watching the view together. It can’t get more romantic! God bless them! 

#9 Kiss me!

This kitty loves to kiss her baby dog. She seems like she adores him and wants to give him all the Love in this world. It looks like the feeling is mutual. How adorable!

#10 Never let me go!

It gets too cozy here. I feel so comfortable around you doggy. Just let me stay! It looks more like a hat than a friend. I can’t find a better place than this! Such an adorable and cute picture! 

The dog-cat pair is the most adorable and funny thing you will ever see. It definitely will melt your heart when you see them together. I hope you will like it and share it with your friends and family

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Written by aicha

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