15 Beautiful Kitchen Island Ideas

If you ever dreamed of creating a spot for nightly homework, gourmet meals, or morning coffee? A practical and beautiful island will be the most used area in the house. In fact, a kitchen island makes everything from cooking to dining a breeze. You can discover these inspiring kitchen island ideas and start planning the kitchen of your dreams.

We’ve collected stylish spaces from the AD archives that are full of kitchen island ideas for any style. You can find inspiration for your future remodeling project in these kitchens by top architects and designers.

#1 Wooden Kitchen Island

One of the popular items in a wooden kitchen island is wooden furniture. The wood gives a unique color, pattern, and texture. Also, wooden furniture is also stronger and longer lasting.

You can place the wooden kitchen island on wooden flooring and take a little bit of contrast color. Also, mix it with white wall painting and kitchen cabinet. It will look perfect.

#2 Circular Style

If you have a small kitchen area, you may use a circular kitchen island. In fact, the circular table can be used as a beautiful and tidy dining table. To save some space, you can just put two different tables, a table to support the kitchen island and a table for the dining area.

Try not to use too much color so it doesn’t look too crowded. You can take white as the base color and mix it with black color or ceramic material and backsplash. To increase the warm atmosphere, add some hanging lamps and chairs.

#3 Yellow Kitchen Island

If you love to apply rustic kitchen model at home, just try to apply yellow kitchen island. In fact, the traditional kitchen tends to use wooden materials and neutral colors. It’s true that yellow is a contrast color but it balances the kitchen.

You can combine it with a white ceramic kitchen table, white chandelier and wall paint.  This will make your kitchen looks cozy and fresh enough to cook delicious foods every day.

#6 Dark Blue Style

To creating a modern kitchen, you can play with color option. You only need to combine three different colors such as dark blue, white, and wooden color. Also, use the dark blue for the kitchen island and mix it with white ceramic with soft black texture.

You can place some bar chairs and hanging lamps with round lampshade, it will make your modern kitchen look tidy and simple.

#8 Dark Green Kitchen Island

You can play with contrast colors to create a cozy kitchen area. You just to make it simple and easy to combine, just use white for the base color and apply it for the wall painting, kitchen table, hanging lampshade, and cabinets.

To do the contrast color, you may apply a dark green kitchen island. This color gives strong separator between the floor, table and the different kitchen areas. 

#9 Soft Green

To use the kitchen island as a dining table, you only need to do is locating the kitchen island separately with the kitchen area but don’t too far. In fact, the soft green kitchen island is perfect if you want to create a rustic kitchen area.

You can combine the color with a wooden kitchen table and add some bar chairs. That’s it! You have the coolest dining area.

#10 Black Kitchen Island

Black and white kitchen looks simple and neat ambient. You just need to add specific items such as black kitchen island and combine it with a white table. It is enough to create a modern and simple dining area.

You may apply white kitchen appliances including kitchen cabinets, shelves, and many more. For a greater atmosphere, you may apply wooden flooring, hanging lamps with silver bell lampshade, and colorful real flowers.

#11 White Kitchen Island

White may seem always effective to create charming area including kitchen. If you want to create a modern kitchen, you can use white kitchen island and combine it with a black ceramic table.

To balance the kitchen, use wooden bars flooring, white hanging kitchen cabinets, and black and white backsplash. For a unique kitchen, try to install a wooden square on the ceiling and use it to install small bulbs there.

#14 Stone Kitchen Island

To make your kitchen comfortable, you need to remodel it with a natural kitchen design. You only need to do this to use a gallery stone kitchen island. In fact, the stone makes the kitchen island looks strong. So, it will be stronger along with a ceramic table.

The stones will create a unique natural texture around the kitchen. As a result, the kitchen will be simple but neat as well.

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