20 Amazing Silver and Grey Bedroom Ideas

If you are looking for beautiful and stylish bedrooms with stylish combinations, gorgeous furniture ideas, and clever finishing touches, if you’re searching for inspiration, You better look no further! You probably spend more time in your bedroom than you’d think, so it should be the place that you love the look of it.

If you are keen on grey and silver bedrooms, you’re going to love the 20 bedroom designs we’re about to show you.

#1 Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are a great way to lighten a small space cause they not only they reflect light, but they instantly make any room seem much bigger. Mirrors have that magic touch to make the room warmer, catching the light and dispersing it.

#2 Lights, Camera, Action

The right lighting is a key role when it comes to interior design, and when you’re working with these grey and silver bedroom ideas, that’s definitely the case. 

So if you will opt for lighter shades, you’ll want to make use of the light you already have in the room, but if you go darker, you must add artificial lighting to stop the room from becoming too dull and gloomy.

#3 Up High, Down Low

We should put artworks on the walls at about eye height. For higher ceilings, it can be easy to get carried away, putting the artwork too high up them. 

The mirrors also on the nightstands are a classic example of keeping things low, placing them down and leaning them, rather than hanging them on the walls.

#4 Fifty Shades of Grey

There are so many shades of grey and silver. Instead of focusing on one color when looking at grey and silver bedroom ideas, look at a palette of shades. It will give you “the fifty shades of grey” look! 

#5 Headboard Feature

The headboard is a very underestimated space in the bedroom. The bed represents a focal point in the bedroom. The headboard is a space that’s often neglected but has so much potential. Just be artistic with it.

#6 Sweet + Simple

If you have just the smallest of spaces to work with, you better keep things nice and simple. You don’t need to put everything into your room to get these beautiful grey and silver bedroom ideas. 

You could easily repaint your old headboard to match your new grey and silver interior style. 

You can switch up many items with only some sanding, some painting, and just a little bit of upcycling love!

#7 Go Big or Go Home

As they say, Go big or go home! If you want a big and bold color on the wall, make sure you do it with confidence. 

You can use light-colored artwork and mirrors to stop the dark wall from becoming too overpowering in the room. 

You need to use plenty of lighting; this will prevent the room from being overwhelmingly and intimidatingly dark.

#8 Bright and Airy

It is always good to have big windows in your bedroom, and it will allow a bright and airy feel in your room. You will enjoy the breath of fresh air and the sunlight all at once.

#9 Focal Features

This hanging chair which we absolutely love could be your focal feature in your gold and silver bedroom ideas. So if you don’t want to make the bed the focal point of your room, find another piece, but make it a piece of furniture that you love.

#10 Metallic Magic

Metallic pieces will add some magic sparkle to your room. It will pick up the light in your grey and silver bedroom ideas just as much as mirrors do, and that’s why you should definitely consider adding some sparkle to yours. 

These two shades actually work quite well together when you put them properly and with care.

#11 Grey + Silver Bedroom with Soft Furnishings

To add some luxury to your grey and silver bedroom ideas, you can use pillows and other soft furnishings, and that’s why we definitely recommend them on when redecorating. 

Go large with the pillows, and opt for different textures and fabrics.

#12 Space Saver

You should learn how to manage to save space in your rooms. If you have high ceilings, don’t be afraid to build up to give yourself more space. You can also go for plenty of storage solutions in a design such as this, and with kids, that’s very important.

#13 All the Way Up

If you want to have higher ceilings but can’t afford (or don’t want) to move, you can opt for a clever height-trickery hack that’ll make your ceilings appear higher. 

You can also use smaller furniture in terms of height, and the roof will seem further away and thus higher.

#14 Feature Wall

You could make the entire wall a feature? Yeah, you can. You can just be wallpapering or painting the one wall behind your bed in that featured shade. You could paint the rest of the walls in your bedroom in white.

#15 New Lease of Life

Instead of throwing away old pieces of furniture, why not look at how they can be used in a slightly different way. For example, an old wooden stool could become a cabinet for the side of the bed. 

You could even make simple furniture like this from scratch with old pieces of wood. Think out of the box!

#16 Pink + Grey

This look is my favorite, a little bit of pink thrown in with those grey and silver bedroom ideas. If you just add the right pink accents, it will show you how easy it could be to add another statement color into the mix.

#17 Textures, Textures

Many people think that grey and silver bedroom ideas would mean boring. These shades could not boring or dull If you add layers or textures. You can also put a few minor upgrades to the mix like a mirror here, a string of lights there. Be creative!

#18 Wall Coverings + Grey

To find the right color for your walls, you’ve better first set the rest of the room then pick it last. Try to design the room of your dreams with all the features that you love, and then figure out what color to paint your walls. 

Add grey shades to your wall coverings, and it will look different and good.

#19 Grey + Silver Bedroom Ideas – Lighting

The lighting in your home plays a key role in the way how your room will look. Once you’ve painted the walls and added the finishing touches, Think of the lighting. 

You can use Candles, lamps, and brighter light bulbs to add lighting into a room.

#20 Bold + Beautiful Bed

To have a big, bold and beautiful bed is a privilege but, you need to use it as the focal feature of the room. The rest of the room may not need quite much attention paid to it. 

But, you may be still allowed to add some soft decoration in the remaining space.

These grey and silver bedroom ideas can only be loved. It will give you the help you need to redecorate your bedrooms and give it that fancy touch.

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