14 Unusual Hotels Surprise That Make Their Guests Overwhelmed

To escape work, stress, family, and other commitments, you need an extraordinary trip, unique hotels, and resorts that will make you want to go there right away.

It’s hard to find the perfect hotel to make your vacation experience one of a kind and as exclusive as possible to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Hotels never stop surprising us. So we shared the most beautiful and unexpected services provided by different hotels all over the world that leave a mark in guests hotel experiences.

#1 In this hotel, a robot delivered a roll of toilet paper to my room in Cupertino.

#2 At my hotel, the shower is turned on remotely.

#3 In this hotel, you can get a free cell phone that you can take with you around town during your stay.

#4 At my Hotel in Japan, the bedside lamp can be half-lit.

#5 A remote that comes with an immediate soccer-watching button in The hotel I’m staying at in Brazil.

#6 In this hotel, they put this little sign under the bed in the hotel room to let you know that they’ve cleaned under there too.” So, there are no more worries about cleaning issues!

#7 No more boring waiting for elevators! This amazing hotel has an elevator button in the hallway, so there will always be an elevator waiting for you by the time you get there.

#8 Happy news to single travelers, in this hotel in Europe, you can rent a pet fish to keep you company.

#9 How cute to have rubber duckies along with tiny shampoos for your shower, this was in a hotel in Zürich.

#10 In my hotel, there is a stargate; you feel like a star wars hero passing by.

#11 The hotel I’m staying at put a black towel to take off makeup.

#12 In our hotel room, The TV has easily accessible HDMI and USB sockets.

#13 This hotel ironically put among their checklist a reminder to steal the toiletries.

#14 I stayed at a hotel where they provide fresh remotes.

How surprised are you by all these fascinating Hotels? Would you like to try one of them? What do you expect to have in your next stay at a hotel? It's always been surprising you will never know !!

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