15 Amazing Bridges That Will Take Your Breath Away

There are so many recognizable bridges in the world by far, and we’ve got bridges that span rivers that traverse mountain ranges, bridges over oceans, that connect countries, soar above jungles, and in the case of the Bosphorus bridge, that stick one continent to another.

These bridges seem almost timeless and transcendent. So we’ve gathered together the most amazing bridges in the world that we could find.

#1 In the sky, Malaysia

The sky bridge has this unique construction; also it leads to nowhere and doesn’t connect anything. In fact, it was constructed as part of an initiative started by the Malaysian government to attract tourists.

#3 Glass Bridge, China

This magnificent glass bridge located in China. It’s called Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge and was made to attract tourists to the region, as well as to check people’s bravery. 

This bridge has a transparent bottom, is located 850 ft above the ground, and it’s about 1400 ft long, which makes it one of the tallest and longest glass-bottom bridges in the world.

#6 Through a forest, Canada

It was built in 1889 and crossing over the Capilano River, this bridge in North Vancouver attracts close to a million visitors a year. This amazing bridge is breathtaking because a part of its route goes up to the level of the treetops, which brings this walk through the forest to another magical level.

It turns more magical at Christmas when the trees are covered with snow and lit up by many lights.

#7 Above the waterfall, USA

This bridge is famous for its unique and picturesque location. Benson Bridge was built over the lower cascade of a large waterfall to provide the best view of the upper cascade.

It’s according to an ancient Indian legend, Multnomah Falls appeared after the daughter of the leader jumped from the cliff, sacrificing herself to the spirits for the sake of saving her tribe from a terrible disease.

#8 On a waterfall, Norway

This waterfall is located in Norway, and it is famous for the fact that it is actually 2 different waterfalls on the top, that unite at the bottom. In fact, right at the spot where the two flows become one, there is a part of the highway that passes over it. 

The trips across this bridge usually end up being mesmerizing which is why this bridge is loved so much by tourists.

#9 Teakwood bridge, Myanmar

This bridge is considered the longest and oldest wooden bridge in the world, but officially, it’s not. The reason behind this is the fact that some wooden beams have been replaced with concrete pillars for safety reasons. 

This bridge has existed for almost two centuries, and the new fortification should not render this construction any less dignified.

#11 Natural bridges

It is known that bridges or arches are created by nature and usually formed as a result of erosion from water and wind. However, it is not the only method for the appearance of these miraculous bridges.

In the Tài Shān mountains in China, there is a place where boulders surprisingly got stuck between the rocks. These boulders have continued to withstand attacks from tourists who dared to check whether this construction is as strong as it looks.

#12 From fantasy, Spain

This bridge is located in Spain and was named the “Puente Nuevo” which is translated from Spanish as “New Bridge,” but the original was actually built in the 18th century cause the old one-arch bridge was built quickly, lasted for 6 years and collapsed, taking with it the lives of about 50 people. 

For that reason, the construction of the new bridge was taken very seriously, and the process took 34 years. This bridge has a fantastical beauty.

#14 Residential bridges

They are very common in Europe and they are not just inhabited by vendors like the famous Ponte Vecchio. 

There is a vast castle standing on a bridge in France, it’s “the Château de Chenonceau”. England also has a tiny 17-century stone Bridge House that, as you might have guessed by the name, is also located on a bridge.

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