These 12 Objects Will Make You Believe They’d Come Alive

How often you’ve seen something that wasn’t there? You see an object that almost will come alive. It happens when you use your imagination to recreate the image of some faces, animals, and objects on a stone, in a fence, or even in a waterfall and clouds.

It gets weird sometimes! In this article, we will give you the chance to take a look at these photos where people saw things that weren’t even there. Check this out and see how far your imagination will take you.

#1 This bride in the waterfall

#2 These drinks that are happy to see each other.

#3 This box is not happy about getting wet

#4 It looks like he has seen some things

#5 Johnny Bravo hidden in this plant’s shadow

#6 This dog in the clouds

#7 This rock looks like a shark

#8 This spider face on the wrong spot

#9 This amazed rock

#10 This guy

#11 These slippers look like they’re up to something

#12 This turkey going in the deep fryer

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Written by danny

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