9 Amazing Benefits Of Lemon Water

Lemon water is a drink made by combining water with lemon juice. You can add other optional ingredients to your lemon water, such as ginger, cucumber, strawberry or mint. It has an effective way to reduce weight as it increases the body’s metabolic rate.

There is a long list of benefits of lemon water that should make you consider adding it to your daily routine.

Lemon Water Nutrition Facts:

One cup of fresh lemon juice in a glass of water has:

61 calories
6 grams of sugar
3 grams of protein
0 grams of fat
1 gram fiber
112 milligrams vitamin C

#1 Healthy weight

Pectin is found in lemon, and it is a soluble fiber that can help you feel full longer because it expands in your stomach.

#2 Prevent Kidney Stones

Lemon is good for kidney cause it has Citric acid, which is a plant compound that may help to prevent kidney stones from forming.

#3 Healthier Skin

The antioxidants in lemons give the skin an incredible glow. The vitamin C also helps the body produce collagen, which helps smooth out wrinkles.

#4 Protect Against Anemia

Anemia is often related to an iron deficiency. If you drink lemon water, it can help you to enhance your body’s ability to absorb iron from food.

#5 Improve Digestive Health

Lemons contain d-Limonene which is a plant compound found in lemon peel. It also helps calm an upset stomach and can relieve reflux and heartburn symptoms.

#6 Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

The components of lemon such as d-limonene and hesperidin plant compounds may help reduce the risk of many types of cancer.

#7 Heart Health

The most common cause of death throughout the world is cardiovascular disease.

Low vitamin C levels in the blood are the main risk factor for stroke. But, If you consume fruits high in vitamin C can help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

#8 Boost The Immune System

To enhance your immune system, try to add the vitamin C in your daily diet.

#9 Boost The Energy Level And Mood

Lemons are always known as a natural energizer. If you want to boost your energy, you simply smell the lemon oil or apply it to your neck, wrists, or hands to experience the effects. 

Plus, the lemon essential oil can reduce stress and boost your mood. You need to dilute the oil with olive, coconut, or another favorite carrier oil to prevent irritation for sensitive skin.

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