9 Fitness Tips to become a better athlete

Food, in general, has the power to make us feel like we are in a better mood. We try to eat what makes us feel happy, but we forget about our well being and health condition. Nowadays, people tend to eat fast-food and practice less sports, especially with the use of technological devices and sitting for hours in front of the computer.

If you want to keep up the good work, stay in shape or if you’re just starting. Here are a few fitness tips to take you the right way. For the experienced ones, this info will serve as a reminder and help you stay on track.

#1 Move More, Always

Add movement to other elements of your life like walking to get your groceries, and then carrying them home, says Katie Bowman, biomechanist and author of Movement Matters. 

A healthy day means that my body is outside moving as much as possible, even if it doesn’t feel like formal training. Don’t drive for an errand when you could walk, run, or bike instead. 

Your ten-mile run doesn’t do all that much for you if you just sit at your desk for the rest of the day. So you should do more practice as possible as you can. 

#3 Diet is the backbone to stay fit

There’s no top-secret athlete diet, says Matt Fitzgerald, author of The Endurance Diet.if your diet is not in check you are not going to magically transform your body into an athletic one.

I’m not saying exercise doesn’t have to anything with how you look and feel, but diet is the biggest factor in how athletic you will look. Want to be lean, strong, and healthy? Give your diet the attention it deserves. 

Get the right amount of calories from protein, fats, and carbs. Get in your fiber and micronutrients too.

#9 Don’t be too hard on yourself

The workout is as important as anything you do in your daily routine. It must become a part of your schedule. You can do it at the gym or at home.

Integrate workout into your lifestyle and don’t make sport your life. 

Don’t push yourself to the limit and don’t harm yourself. Learn how to listen to your body, no one knows your body better than you and Remember ANYTHING is POSSIBLE, it's just a matter of time.

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