8 Effective Natural Remedy For Hemorrhoids

natural remedy for hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids are a painful and uncomfortable health condition that affects a lot of people. Besides the unpleasant stinging and itchiness, hemorrhoids can also affect how someone performs even some of the most normal daily activities.
There are different health factors, lifestyle, physical activities, and dietary habits that can cause hemorrhoids. It is easily treatable, but once the condition starts, it can frequently recur if not treated on time.

So here are some of the most effective natural remedies for hemorrhoids:


1. Cold Compress to Reduce Swelling

Cold Compress with Ice
Before passing stool, take a clean cloth and soak it in ice-cold-water or wrap ice in it. Apply the cold compress directly on the area, and it will reduce the swelling. Applying cold compress also reduces pain and stinging to make passing stool more bearable.


2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar for hemorrhoids is also a common natural remedy that works effectively. Natural apple cider vinegar applied directly to the affected area with a cotton ball will reduce pain and itching immediately.

You can also mix two cups of the vinegar in a tub of warm water. Let your body soak and relax in the tub before having a bath to relieve the itching and pain.

Another way to use apple cider vinegar for hemorrhoids is by diluting a spoonful with water and drinking it before meals. Drinking apple cider vinegar is especially useful in treating internal hemorrhoids as it prevents infection and inflammation.


3. Psyllium Husk

Psyllium Husk
Since constipation is a major cause of most hemorrhoids, taking psyllium husk supplements will reduce internal and external hemorrhoids considerably. Psyllium husk is rich in fiber, and fiber helps in softening the stool, so it should be taken regularly to treat hemorrhoids permanently.


4. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tee tree oil for hemorrhoids is also an effective natural remedy. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of tea tree with a carrier oil works excellent in curing and healing hemorrhoids. It must be applied to the area regularly to prevent aggravation and to treat already damaged tissues.
When using tea tree oil for hemorrhoids, make sure to mix it with other oil like sweet almond oil or natural olive oil to minimize the stinging effect.


5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

The lubricating texture and the anti-inflammatory properties of the aloe vera plant is also an effective natural remedy for hemorrhoids. You can consume the aloe gel, or apply it directly to the affected area to soothe the pain. It also has substantial healing properties, which make it is safe for treating and preventing both internal and external hemorrhoids.


6. Witch Hazel Extract

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is also another anti-inflammatory remedy for soothing painful, and swollen hemorrhoids. The tannin and natural oils in witch hazel reduce itching and stop bleeding without over-drying the inflamed areas.


7. Olive Oil

Olive Oil
Using olive oil to reduce inflammation is also another common and natural remedy for hemorrhoids. The mono-saturated fats in olive oil help in building a lubricated barrier between the rectum and the stool. It helps in reducing discomfort while passing stool and soothes the stinging pain and itchiness due to torn or swollen tissues.


8. Honey and Warm water

Honey and Warm water
Honey is a well known natural healer for open wounds. It helps in preventing bacterial growth and soothing inflammation. So drinking a glass of warm water mixed with honey is highly beneficial for curing internal hemorrhoids.

For external hemorrhoids, using a mixture of honey and olive oil by applying it on the area soothes itching and burning sensation.

Besides these home remedies, you can also try changing to a high-fiber nutrients diet. Eating fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water and exercising are also some of the most effective natural remedies for treating hemorrhoids.

If all else fails, make sure to check in with a specialized doctor to find out the underlying cause for pain-free healthy living.

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