Yianna Waist Trainer Review- UPDATED 2020- Results & Size Guide!

Yianna Waist Trainer Review

Waist trainers train your body by squeezing the midsection of your body; they come more like a corset that is deliberately designed to be worn tightly around the waist for a slimmer look. It is every girl’s dream to have a perfect hourglass figure. 

Are you looking for a perfect waist trainer?

 Yianna waist trainer is a body shaper belt designed for slimming your belly. This body trainer provides excellent compression to your abdomen and has additional torso support. Yianna waist trainer will help improve your posture and relieves backache. This waist trainer works for any body shape and size. Go through the Yianna waist trainer size guide before you purchase. 

Yianna Waist Trainer Short Torso

Yianna Waist Trainer Review 2020:

If you plan on purchasing a waist trainer, here are some of the Best Yianna Waist Trainer Reviews:

§ Yianna waist trainer belt:

Yianna waist trainer belt

Yianna waist trainer belt comes with a hook closure. This waist trainer is made of polyester and latex. It is stretchable and provides excellent support to your back. Yianna waist trainer promotes weight loss and is very breathable. This waist trainer is great for all kinds of workouts. It is beneficial and provides excellent figure results. This waist trainer does not give any uncomfortable dig into your skin. 

Yianna waist trainer helps improve your posture to an exceptional level and helps relieve pain. This trainer helps to build up abs apart from reducing your belly fats. It is available for all sizes, but if at all you doubt your size, look at the Yianna waist trainer size guide that will help you pick the right size. This trainer is available from sizes S to XL.

§ Yianna waist trainer corset for weight loss :

Yianna waist trainer corset for weight loss

This Yianna waist trainer corset comes with four rows of adjustable hook closure. With these adjustable hooks, you can adjust your waist to a greater extend, making it appear slimmer. This trainer gives out your curves in the right places, with adequate compression. The material of this trainer is 100% latex with cotton spandex lining that helps absorb moisture. Besides decreasing your belly fats, it provides excellent lumbar support. 

This trainer can be worn every day under your clothes, giving soft comfort to your body. Yianna waist trainer corset provides incredible post-baby tummy control helping you to look slimmer. This product comes in sizes Xs to XXXL. Look up to the Yianna waist trainer size guide to ensure you pick the right size.

§ Yianna women’s waist trainer vest zipper:

Yianna women’s waist trainer vest zipper

This waist trainer is designed for multi-functional support. This trainer comes in a vest design that helps correct your posture. It instantly slims down your belly fats by enhancing tummy control. This trainer provides the perfect slim curve and offers back support. Yianna waist trainer is comfortable, and you can wear it for any sports activity. 

 It comes with excellent tummy compression that hugs the body tightly while providing breathability. Since this trainer comes in a vest design, it has a zipper closure with a sports bra attached. The size available for this trainer is from XS to 6XL. Make sure to check the Yianna waist trainer review to help you learn how the sizes fit. The fabric of this trainer is of nylon spandex that helps to keep dry no matter how much your sweat while you work out.

§ Yianna Latex Sports Waist Trainer:

Yianna Latex Sports Waist Trainer

This waist trainer is designed to increase the effectiveness of your fat burn. Yianna Latex waist trainer is made of 100% natural latex, 96% cotton, and a spandex lining. It has three hook closures so you can adjust it according to your comfort. This waist trainer is durable and helps lift underbust. Yianna waist trainer results are amazing as it comes with excellent tummy compression reducing your waistline up to three sizes. 

This product is available in all sizes: XS to 6XL. As this trainer is made of latex, it helps to remove excess sweat and provides flexibility and comfort. It Is also lightweight and great for wearing while working out. This trainer gives the perfect curve you desire.

§ Yianna Torso waist Trainer Corset:

This torso waist trainer is made of 91% soft cotton, 9% spandex, and polyester. It comes with a hook and eye closure. This trainer is specially designed for tummy fat reduction and bone support. Yianna waist trainer short torso corset is durable and provides excellent flexibility. With this torso corset, you can bend and stand back easily. It comes with three rows of hook adjustment that allows you to customize the fit according to your requirement.

 They are designed with high-quality natural latex that offers excellent elasticity. This trainer works awesome for short torso and helps reduce up to four inches waist instantly. Yianna waist trainer short torso corset ensures breathability and comfort with more belly fat compression. This torso trainer is available in sizes XS to 3XL.

Yianna Waist Trainer Size Guide

Here are some tips on how to take the correct measurement for a trainer:

First, take a measuring tape and start measuring your bust, waist, and hips. Here is how you can measure:

  • Bust:  Take the measuring tape and measure around the fullest part of your chest to get accurate measurements.
  • Waist: For the waist measurement, take two inches above your belly button and measure around your waist. 
  • Hips: Lastly, for the hips, you need to measure around the fullest part of your hips.

Remember always to look up the size chart before you purchase the products because the products come with different designs and fabric; therefore, the dimensions may vary. Waist trainers are normally designed to compress your waist and make it appear slimmer. So check the product and go for the size accordingly.

Yianna Waist Trainer Results – Before & After

Yianna Waist Trainer Results – Before & After


Waist trainers are a great way to start working out your belly fats. The great thing about waist trainers is that it not only burns your tummy fats but also provides torsal support and improve body posture. Yianna waist trainers are designed in such a way that you can wear the trainer inside any garment to help you look curvier and slimmer. These waist trainers are of excellent quality and give impressive results.

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