10 Everyday Safety Life Hacks You Need to Know

Whether you are at home or you are traveling, you should be prepared for the worst. Unfortunately, the danger exists in this world and you should know how to protect yourself from strangers that may hurt you in a way or another and BE SAFE. Here are a few of the best safety hacks that will keep you out of danger,

#1 Hide your money in many different places

When you go on vacation, you don't want to keep all of your cash in one location, like your wallet, in case someone steals it. It's best to put a few bills in your wallet, some in your suitcase, and maybe even a few in your bra or shoe.
Also, you can put your cash in unpredictable places like a suntan lotion battle or deodorant. In this way, you prevent to be pickpocketed.

#2 Know your card cancellation numbers

It’s very important that your card’s emergency numbers are separated from your cards. In case it gets stolen, or you lose it, you can cancel the card before it can be used.

#3 Make it look like someone’s home when you leave

If you are not at home or you are on vacation, you may think of leaving some lights or the TV ON. This will make a false impression that you are home.
By this way, it will keep criminals away because they are less likely to attempt to break in if they think that people are around.

#4 Don’t keep your spare keys in the usual place

Instead of using this obvious place to hide your keys. You must think of another clever way to hide them. For example, you can bury them in your backyard. This is a simple and effective way to keep them safe.

All you need is an empty box or a bottle and a rock or anything that make you recognize where you buried the keys. Don’t forget where you buried it and what the rock looks like!

#5 Install Home Security Cameras

If you want to be safer when at home or outside, all you need is to Installing indoor and outdoor home security cameras. It’s is one of the top things people tell us they wished they’d noticed before their home was burglarized.

And, in the event your home is broken into, footage captured by your security camera may help law enforcement identify those responsible.

#6 Hide your valuable items

Criminals want to get in and out of your house as fast as possible taking with them your jewelry, cash, electronic devices, and other goodies they can sell or pawn.

Make their job difficult by hiding your valuable items in a safe. Use a wall clock safe or a safe that looks like an electrical outlet to store small valuables.

#7 Carry a fake wallet

Try to do this trick by having a second fake wallet with you. Put a little money, some notes, and papers in there and keep it on you. If someone pickpockets you, it won’t be such a problem.

Your real wallet should stay in your inner pocket though.

#8 Carry safety items with you

You don't have to carry a knife everywhere you go. However, if you're walking alone, it's a good idea to hold each of your keys between your fingers or a pepper spray that you can prepare it at home with easy ingredients so that you can use them as weapons if someone attacks.

It's better to be safe than sorry!

#9 Put a “Beware of Dog” sign

This one is so obvious; a dog sign will keep most of the intruders out.

#10 Secure Your Yard

The inside of your home is as important as your yard so it has to be protected, but you should know how? Burglars love hiding places, so one of the favorite home security tips is to keep shrubs and other vegetation trimmed.

Your yard must include a motion sensor lighting and securing sheds so it can be safe and if anyone tries to attempt a break in, you’ll get noticed.

#11 Which life hack did you like the most? Are you ready to apply them? Maybe you have your safety tips? So you can share it with your family or your surroundings to maintain safety.

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