12 Beautiful Places You Need To Visit in 2020

What’s on your travel wish list for 2020? It’s time to make every journey of your life count. If you think about traveling, you’ll want to check all of the 12 best places to visit in 2020. There’s one for every month of the year if you have the time.

#2 French Polynesia

This island is a paradise on earth with its few volcanic islands surrounded by bright crystal islands. You can do any activity you want. 

You can swim with manta rays, lounge of black sand beaches, sleep in overwater bungalows, or diving through colorful coral reefs, explore hidden waterfalls, and hike through gorgeous rugged backcountry. 

It's a country worth a visit at least once in your life.

#3 Oman

If you like to discover the desert, Oman is the perfect choice for you. It is such an undiscovered pearl! You can swim in beautiful gorges, explore intricate mosques and castles, hike through the desert, and see mud villages. 

You will enjoy the atmosphere!

#5 Gili Islands, Indonesia

You will be amazed by the three Gili Islands. In these small islands, there are no cars, nor any motorized vehicles at all. 

People get around on bikes and their own feet. But don't underestimate it, it is not dull at all! It is a backpacker's party paradise, Gili Meno is a haven of peace for honeymooners, and has the most stunning beach getaway.

#8 Miami, FL, USA

Who is not dreaming of having a trip to Miami? It's a magical and tropical city. It's the mixture of a trendy American town that meets tropical climate and beaches. 

It is known for its Cuban influence, lively nightlife, fresh seafood, beachfront hotels, colorful modern art, trendy decor, and beautiful beaches. 

You have to go and see it!

#9 Helsinki, Finland

Finland is a city to visit! It has a lot of what makes Norway special, and more! You can enjoy yourself by these few activities including: watch the Northern Lights in a fantastic igloo hotel, enjoy funky Scandinavian architecture, meet real live reindeer, bask in Finnish saunas, stay in a snow hotel, ice climb...!

#11 Lisbon, Portugal

Its an old city with European architecture. You may visit it in September for pleasant weather just about everywhere. 

Try to start with the country's heart, Lisbon, and then travel to the wine region around Porto and the beaches of the Algarve. 

It's also a well-designed city, with stunning cafes and view-points galore.

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