15 Simple Psychological Tricks That Will Work On Anybody

Psychologists who have a keen eye for details always keep discovering new behavioral patterns. These tricks help professionals manipulate people and avoid being tricked by others. If you want to learn some simple psychology tricks, here is an excellent compilation of 15 psychological tricks that will work on almost any of the people you meet in daily life.

You can immediately start testing these out for yourself. Isn’t that pretty cool?


If you want someone to help you, never ask him anything that begins with the words “Could you...” because he will think that this is a theoretical question. For example, If you say “Could you call the neighbors”, because the answer “yes” will mean “Yes, theoretically, I could.” Instead, rephrase your hidden request to “Please, call the neighbors.”


If you want your question to be answered while you are talking to someone, try to make a pause in the conversation while you are still looking into their eyes. This will make them feel uncomfortable, and they will keep on talking. 

Probably, they will give you some more details or most likely tell you the truth (if they are lying) thinking that your silence and the look on your face are signs that you already know the truth.


While a person is concentrated on a job (for example, in the middle of a serious phone conversation), you can extend your hand and take whatever they are holding at the moment. Most likely, they might even not remember it later on. 

This trick works the other way around too since you can give them something, and they won’t even notice.


Sometimes, you get worried whether you locked the door or not, or if your iron is off, say some absurd phrase when doing these things (the sentence should be different every day.) For instance, you can say “green rabbit” and turn the iron off, or “oppressive crab” and lock the door. 

Eventually, the next time you think about your open/closed door, you will remember that you said this weird phrase and will most likely calm down.


Almost all people remember what happened in the beginning and at the end of the day. What happened between these 2 points in time is blurry. So, when discussing a time for a job interview, choose either an early time or a very late time to make sure that the employer will remember you among all other candidates.

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