10 Best Horror Movies You Probably Missed in 2018

Vampires, zombies, and ghosts always remind us of Horror and terrifying movies that we sometimes tend to watch. They all make us feel the power of making things bump in the night, causing you scared of the dark and making you question your notions of reality.

For the past few decades, there had been horror films that involved witchcraft, exorcism, and horrifying spells. All these put a cold shiver over your spine.

These are the films that scare us to death this year :

#1 Halloween

The evil is back! Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney), the masked figure who had haunted Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) four decades ago. 

When she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night. David Gordon Green directs it.


When a young nun at an abbey in Romania, mysteriously commits suicide. A priest with a haunted past and a novitiate are sent by the Vatican to investigate. 

They confront a vicious force in the form of the same demonic nun that first terrorized audiences in 'The Conjuring 2,' as the abbey becomes a horrific battleground between the living and the damned.

#3 Bird Box

It's a freaky post-apocalyptic adventure story in which Sandra Bullock (Malorie) blindfolded with her children try to escape from the danger and the unseen deadly forces down a river. 

She must make it all through blindly to reach the safe side. But, along the way, we get several excellent performances, a bunch of solid scares, and some challenging ideas.

#4 The Night Eats the World

Dominique Rocher directs it. It happened in Paris, the night after a party, waking up in an apartment, Sam is forced to come to grips with reality. He is now alone, and the living dead have invaded the streets of Paris. 

The fear has hunted him; Sam is going to have to barricade himself inside the building and organize his survival. But is he the sole survivor?

#7 Cam

Directed by Daniel Goldhaber, an erotic webcam performer finds her followers stolen by a doppelganger who hijacks her channel. 

Furthermore, it seems determined to destroy her life. 

The movie is about the fear of loneliness, voyeurism, and the loss of identity, but it also works as a twisty mind-bender of a thriller acted by Madeline Brewer.

#8 A Quiet Place

This film is about a family that is forced to live in silence while hiding from monsters with ultra-sensitive hearing. Two parents do what it takes to stay alive and keep their children safe in a world full of blind creatures hunting every sound they can hear. 

They must live in a silent world. Otherwise, everything can go wrong, and they will be the next victims.

#10 Hereditary

Directed by Ari Aster, After the death of her mother, Annie (Toni Collette) begins to notice some unusual activities around her house. 

Haunted by a demon, Annie starts to spiral out of control. Maybe there a supernatural force attempting to manipulate her family or it is only happening in her head? Who knows? Better watch the movie to figure out.

The elusive nature of these films will bring you to the skeptical mind that question us if they truly exist. Thus, I invite you to my dear audiences to fully participate in such a fantastic adventure.

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Written by danny

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