10 Movies With Surprising Endings That Will Leave You Speechless

There are many movies when we watch them, they manage to intrigue us with their plot and twist, surprise us with their ending, and stay in our memory for a long time.

We all have that movie which we want to watch over and over again to try and figure out what we missed the first time around. We collected some excellent suspense-themed movies with unexpected endings whose audiences came back with good reviews.

#1 Side Effects (2013)

Emily, the main character, fell into a deep depression and even tried to commit suicide after her husband came back from prison. Her psychiatrist prescribed her an experimental medicine to improve her mental condition.

At first, the medicine is working perfectly and she now leads a normal life, except for one thing, the drug’s side effects lead her to do something terrible in her sleep.

This movie is both a drama and psychological thriller that keeps spectators tense until the last minute.

#2 Tell No One (2016)

In this movie, Alexandre Beck’s wife was murdered by a serial killer. Her husband couldn’t get over the loss and threw himself into his work. After a period, 2 more victims are found at the crime scene and all the evidence points to Alex.

Things gets even more complicated when, on the same day, Alex gets information that his wife is probably alive and now they are both in danger.

It is the perfect psychological detective movie that deserves your attention.

#3 Identity (2003)

This movie is about a game of survival. It’s about 10 people not familiar with each other settle in an old motel while hiding from a strong storm. Soon they discover that they need to survive and the killer is among them.

This movie is a gloomy detective thriller. You will not be able to guess the ending.

#4 Mindhunters (2004)

It is about 7 future FBI agents that are taking a final test on a distant island. The results will determine who will get into the department of “mind hunters”.

Things get viral when the test becomes real and an actual killer appears on the island and no one knows what he or she looks like. They will find the maniac that calculates their actions clearly and never makes mistakes or not?

This movie is a psychological detective that makes viewers dive in head first and become invisible observers of each scene.

#5 The Hole (2001)

This movie is about a criminal psychologist. It all happened when she, her friend, and 2 other guys went down to a bunker to have a party.

They wanted to challenge their school, their parents, and their routine life, but they were not expecting to encounter the things that happened to them in there.

It is a shocking movie that touches on the topic of human relationships.

#6 Stay (2005)

This movie is about Henry Letham that is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and tells his psychiatrist, Sam Foster, that he wants to commit suicide. To stop Henry from doing it, the doctor starts a journey with him around the city but gradually starts to sink into his nightmarish illusions.

It is an atmospheric movie which will leave you in complete astonishment.

#7 Primal Fear (1996)

It is about a young guy who was blamed for killing an archbishop but he denied his guilt. The successful attorney, Martin Vail, defends this guy and tries, at all costs, to save him from the death penalty.

The conspiracy in the movie reaches its peak when ex-lovers, the attorney and the prosecutor, Janet Venable, meet each other during the trial.

This movie is based on William Diehl’s novel of the same name.

#8 The Usual Suspects (1995)

It is about dozens of dead people that are found on one of the shipping vessels in a New York City port. They never know the cause of death.

An investigation took place and one of the survivors tells his whole story starting from the police station where he met 4 career criminals.

The movie is so perfect that is worth watching for the shocking ending.

#9 Malice (1993)

This movie is about a teacher, Andy Safian, who has a seemingly happy marriage with his beautiful wife Tracy. Their inability to have children has tarnished their married life.

They decided to meet Dr. Jed Hill, a successful surgeon, who brings chaos to their life by involving them in an intricate plot of intrigue and treachery.

It is a brilliant movie with a tangled plotline that worth watching.

What do you think?

Written by danny

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