10 Best Modern and Luxury Engagement Rings For Every Bride

It may seem an impossible task to purchase the perfect engagement ring; how to find the ideal piece of jewelry that not only fits with their style and your budget but that also manages to represent everything that’s special about your relationship. It’s no small task to find the perfect cut, color, carat, and clarity.

Ultimately it all comes down to finding something that you both love. We gathered for you our favorite engagement rings to help spark inspiration.

#1 Pear-Shaped Ring

You can make your finger look long and slender at the same time with that teardrop. These pear-shaped rings may appear to be larger because of their shape, which reveals a larger stone from the top view. Also, they are a graceful, feminine, and sophisticated choice for the lifelong commitment of love.

#2 Marquise-Shaped Ring

Marquise-shaped rings are the best engagement rings. The shape with the pointed ends is made specifically to increase the carat weight, which will reflect the demand from the clients to reveal the radiance and show on their grand day. This ring looks so delicate.

#3 Heart-Shaped Ring

It tends to grab attention just from a look at it. This heart shape will complement the die-hard romantic’s feelings and express their sentiments boldly. 

#4 Princess-Cut Ring

These rings are so popular, offering brilliance and light in a non-round shape. This ring highlights each feature and cut, reflected through the square-cut edged stone with contemporary beauty and elegance of its own.

This princess-cut ring is a perfect choice for those who want to play safely in the long haul. 

#5 Emerald-Cut Ring

This ring has the unique quality of being simple yet stunning. It has a larger open table base that highlights its clarity, and the rectangular facets add on a sleek, elegant.

This cut is perfect for you if simplicity is your thing, as it has more depth than mere appearance!

#6 Cushion-Cut Ring

This ring is a mixture between a rectangle and an oval; the cut ring is a perfect choice for vintage-inspired settings and also for the romantics-at-heart. Its name is derived from its soft edges and is surprisingly very comforting for the eyes at first look.

From classic to more intricate designs, this cushion-cut ring is ideal for your fairytale start.

#7 Oval Ring

An oval ring has as many facets as the round one, which implies that it has the capacity to light up as much as the round ones. In addition, oval rings are amongst those distinctive shapes that help your fingers to look long and slender.

It is a bigger bling! It also costs around the same as a round ring and holds a particular spot in celebrity ring choices.

#8 Round-Cut Ring

Round-cut rings are the most conventional shape in engagement rings that were opted for. In fact, they have been, by far, the most popular choice in the market for their brilliance, fire, and light.

#9 Radiant-Cut Ring

This is a stunning alternative to the princess and cushion diamonds for the ones who like it differently with a rectangular shape. These radiant-cut rings are the perfect combination of a contemporary silhouette with a brilliant sparkle.

#10 Asscher-Cut Ring

Sometimes it’s good to think out the box. This may confuse you with the emerald cut, but the difference lies in its soft-edged appearance. The radiance of this cut speaks louder than the emerald one because of its facets.

This version of the emerald-cut is an excellent choice for you if you like to add a little bit of extra sparkle to whatever you do.

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