18 Gorgeous Engagement Ring Ideas

If your engagement is coming soon, it’s time for a dive into the top engagement ring trends for 2019! Whatever statement you want your engagement ring to make, it should say “In Love” with your partner and with your brand-new bauble!

If you like the Antiques, Vісtоrіаn, Art Deco/Art Nouveau, Tіffаnу, Tеnѕіоn, Hеаrt-ѕhареd, Bezel, оr Invisible ѕеttіngѕ, thеу are all bеаutіful and represent hіѕtоrу. So, maybe one of these styles is tucked away in a velvet box, waiting for you! Check the list below!!

#1 Golden rose 2-carat oval set, thin, diamond band

#2 Shiny circular Diamond engagement ring

#3 Elegant rose gold engagement ring

#4 Sophisticated, vintage engagement ring

#5 Simple rose gold solitaire

#6 Vintage engagement ring

#7 Elegant-rectangular diamond engagement ring

#8 1/2 Carat Simple-shiny Round Cut Natural Diamond ring

#9 Gorgeous 3/4ct. Stargaze ring

#10 Stunning Pear-shaped white topaz ring

#11 Simple single stone engagement ring

#12 Trendy round cut natural Diamond Ring

#13 Unique platinum engagement ring

#14 1ct round engagement ring

#15 1/2 Carat Lovely engagement ring

#16 Unique and unconventional

#17 Stunning Engagement ring

#18 Golden rose Simple Solitaire

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Written by aicha

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