18 Trendy Nails Design To Mix Up Your Style

Celebrate the arrival of spring with your next manicure. It’s time to give your manicurist a call, because the spring/ summer nail trends are here, and they absolutely beg to be mimicked.

Nail polish will give you a good hard look, I bet you’ll be inspired to try something new, or maybe you’ll stick to the safe classics.

We guarantee that this is a season where you can say YES to new trends and stretch your boundaries! Try these 18 spring nail art designs, and you will shine like the sun of a warm Spring day.

#1 Black nails with white and yellow design

#2 Pretty orchid shades with pink accents

#3 Fading Blue ocean colorful nails

#4 Luscious pink cherry nails

#5 White and gold classy nail color that is special for a night out!

#6 Gorgeous spring colorful nails with glossy pastels

#7 Fifty shades of pink

#8 Great contrast of black color nails with colorful flowers

#9 Beautiful white and purple nails

#10 These Glossy pastels with pretty flower design

#11 Awesome and unique nail art design

#12 Spring nails with your favorite colors and styles

#13 Black nails with dried flower accents

#14 Spring nail design with unique Aztec pattern accents

#15 Pretty nails with Yellow sunflower spring touch

#16 Colorful Matte spring nail manicure

#17 Glowing shades of spring with these pastels

#18 Pink nails with a silver glitter touch

Try to showcase your favorite colors this spring, and you’ll look and feel great doing it. You will enjoy the different shades of colors and shapes of nails. It will look amazing on your nails. 

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Written by aicha

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