20 Cute Trendy Nails Design Ideas You Can Do at Home

Adding an extra design element to your manicure is still trendy this season. We’re sure that nail art will never be over. It becomes so advanced that you can go for any style that you want, and you are sure to find the implements and accessories required to make it happen.

You can step out of your nail design comfort zone. Manicures are only temporary, after all.


On each pin, there is a different cactus design. You can try this look cause it is a fun and creative idea that is perfect for ladies who like to look unique.


These gorgeous nails are white and black with dark red polka dot nails. Polka dot is quite simple to create if you have not tried it before. 

You can use a dotting tool, or if you have a steady hand, apply a thin brush to make the pattern. You can recreate this look or try other bold base colors.


These nails are so stylish and pretty. They use a beautiful pink, white, and silver color palette. Some of them are pink and white polka dot, the next nail is silver and pink, and the last one is white and silver. 

It is an elegant and trendy way to wear polka dots. Use polka dots with your color combo. You can also hand paint the dots or use a stencil.


If you want a fun and unique look for your nails, then try this design on your nails. The colors are bright pink with two accent nails. One of them is white; the next is glitter green while the rest have a super cute melon design. 

It is a unique watermelon nail design where it would be a great idea for summer manicures.

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Written by aicha

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