25 Beauty Tips & Hacks That Will Change Your Life

We are always looking for simple hacks that can change our routine and save us time and nerves. You don’t need to spend few hours in front of a mirror to get the perfect makeup. There are all kinds of little tricks you can use that can give you a burst of confidence and make you feel as though you can take on the world.

Here are the top 25 makeup hacks that will change your life.

#1 Turn Eyeliner Pencil Into Gel

To make your eyeliner pencil into a gel, simply place the tip of the eyeliner pencil over a flame for one second. It will make the eyeliner softer and easier to apply. You need to wait about 15 seconds for it to cool down and apply.

#2 Check Your Makeup Under Different Light

After you are applying makeup, try to check your makeup before going anywhere. For example, in the car, the bright outside light will help you to see any spots you may have missed.

#3 Remove Glitter Nail Polish Easily

If you want to remove the glitter nail polish, skip the base coat, and use white glue instead. Follow with coats of your favorite glitter polishand when you are ready to remove the polish, it will peel right off.

#4 Skip the Clear Base Coat

To make your nail color stand out more. You can use a coat of white nail polish instead of a base coat. This can protect your nails from becoming stained by colored polishes.

#5 Make Your Eyes Look Wider

To have wider eyes, sweep your mascara towards your nose instead of upwards. It will help make the lashes look fuller. It will make your eyes look bigger.

#6 Proper Perfume Application

To make your perfume last longer, don’t spray yourself with perfume. At first, you will smell like a perfume factory at first, then it will wear off, and you won’t smell anything. You need to apply it to your pulse points.

#7 Get More Out of Liquid Makeup

You don’t throw away makeup in tubes just because it seems like they are empty. You can cut them open and scoop the makeup into plastic pots. It is a great way to save money on makeup.

#8 Get More Mineral Makeup

If you want more of your mineral makeup when it seems like it is empty. You simply use a penny to remove the bottom part of the container. Definitely, you will find a lot of makeup left underneath.

#9 Make Eye Shadow Stand Out With White Eyeliner

If you want your eye shadow color to stand out and look great. You need to apply a white eyeliner all over your eyelid. Then use your favorite shadow. This will help to intensify the color.

#10 Winged Eyeliner With Just a Pencil

If you want to have the perfect wing every time. Just draw the cat eye with the eyeliner. Then, fill in the open space with the liner.

#11 Achieve Perfect Winged Eyeliner With a Spoon

You only need one common household item, which is a spoon to get that winged effect everyone loves so much. You need to start your eyeliner as you would for a cat-eye look, press the rounded side of the spoon against your eyelid, and move the spoon outwards to create that winged effect.

#12 Reuse Mascara Brushes

You don’t have to throw your mascara brushes away when the mascara is gone. If you really like your mascara brush, clean it off and use it with other types of mascara.

#13 Easy Smoky Eye Makeup

To get that fantastic smoky look without a lot of work. First, draw a slanted hashtag at the outer corner of each eye with your eyeliner. Then, you need to blend it in with the rest of your eye makeup for full smokey eyes.

#14 Easy Eyelash Glue Application

To make applying eyelash glue easier, you need to put the glue on a bobby pin. Then, use the glue with the tip of the bobby pin for a more even and quicker application.

#15 Make Lipstick Stay On Longer

To make the color of your lipstick stay on longer. This old trick really works. You need to put on a coat of lipstick, then lay a tissue across your lips. Dust translucent powder on to make the color set. 

#16 Make Your Own Lip Gloss

To make your lipstick, don’t throw away your broken eye shadows. You will need them to turn them into lip gloss. You need to crush the eye shadow into powder, then mix with petroleum jelly to make any color lip gloss you like.

#17 Create Natural Contouring

If you are confused about whether to put blush or bronzer for contouring. You can use your eyeliner pencil or even a makeup brush handle. Just place the straight edge directly below your cheekbone to get the right angle.

#18 Create a Perfect Cupid’s Bow

To get the perfect lipstick, use your lip liner (same shade as your lipstick) to draw an “X” on your upper lip. Then, apply your lipstick, using the “X” as a guide.

#19 Cover-Up Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

Instead of dotting your concealer, apply it in a triangle shape, with the base at your lash line and the tip at the bottom of your cheek. This trick will help you hide redness beneath the eyes and brighten up your whole face.

#20 Use Gel Eyebrow Pencils for Contouring

For perfect contouring, You need a dark-colored gel eyebrow pencil. In fact, you can easily smudge and blend this makeup. To finish the look, use an all-over cream highlighter on your cheekbones, the center of your forehead, and the Cupid’s bow.

#21 No More Lipstick on Your Teeth

To get rid of the excess lipstick after applying it, put your finger in your mouth. Then, close your lips around your finger, pull your finger out. The lipstick will get on your finger, and not on your teeth.

#22 No More Mascara on Upper Eyelids

Want to have clean upper eyelids, use a spoon for this hack. You need to hold the rounded part against your upper eyelids while applying mascara. Eventually, the excess mascara will go onto the spoon and not your eyelids.

#23 Remoisturize Mascara

Instead of throwing away your mascara just because it has dried up. Add a few drops of saline solution. This trick will make it moist, and it will work as well as it did when you first bought it.

#24 Curl Your Lashes Faster

To curl your lashes faster, You need to use your hairdryer to heat your eyelash curler. It is better to let it cool a bit, then use it as you usually would. The curl will last longer because of the heat.

#25 Use an Unusual Item for Blotting

If you are out of blotting papers, reach for a toilet seat cover to blot away excess skin oils. In fact, toilet seat covers are ideal for blotting makeup. They are made from similar materials as blotting papers.

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