8 Easy Hairstyles You Can Do In No Time

Sometimes, we woke up with absolutely zero time to even run a comb through our hair. Don’t freak out; we’ve got you covered.

You can try these crazy-fast hairstyles to be office-ready in seconds. Or, okay, maybe minutes, but hey! it’s totally worth the extra time.

Also, as a major plus, all of them can be done en route, whether you’re at a mall, on a train, or even walking to work.

Check out our favorites eight easy hairstyles.

#1 Flower Braid

This hairstyle is easy to do and creates such a unique look. In fact, all you have to do is pull back one section of hair on either side of your head in the front, then tie it in a ponytail in the back. You should braid the hair as far down as you can, tie it off, and pull out some of the hair to loosen the braid. 

Then, you can wrap it around in circles a few times and bobby pin it in place to create this flower look. It wouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes and looks beautiful.

#2 Twisted Halo

I love how so simple this hairstyle is. I can’t believe I’ve never thought about doing it myself. You only need to take some hair from the front and twist it as you pull it back on your head, then bobby pin it. One last tip: When you do the second twist, cross it over the first twist to create the look you want.

#4 Pony Tail Curls

Creating those beautiful curls can be annoying and time-consuming sometimes. To achieve some curls more easily, put your hair up in a ponytail, then divide it into two sections. Then, take each part and twist it, then run your curling iron over the twist a few times. You must do the same thing on the other section of the ponytail. Now, let all your hair down, and you’ll have some curls. Simple and easy to make!

#5 Full Ponytail

Ponytails can be boring, but if you add a little volume to it, it creates more interest. To make a beautiful ponytail, all you have to do is divide the top and bottom of your ponytail in two; then, you need to place a hair clip in the middle of the two sections and let the top section fall down and cover it up. You’ll have an extra voluminous ponytail!

#6 No-Slip Bun

Buns are trendy right now, but sometimes it’s hard to keep them in place all day long. Try this hairstyle to secure your bun. You only need to put your hair in two ponytails in the back of your head, to begin with. After that, twist each section and then wrap them around each other and secure with another hair tie or bobby pins.

#7 Longer Ponytail

Again, a simple ponytail looks so boring. If you want to have a long ponytail that looks beautiful, put two ponytails in your hair. One at the crown of your head, then one near the bottom of your head. As a result, the top ponytail will cover up the bottom one and will create the illusion that you have a long, fun ponytail.

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