20 Trendy Ankle Tattoos Every Woman Would Want

Trendy ankle tattoos are popular these days, especially among women. These tattoos are suitable for women who are looking for a small piece that can allow them to tastefully and subtly express themselves. Aside from self-expression, ankle tattoos always make their feet look pretty and sexy.

We select this selection of designs influencing you to join the fad.


 It is a simple and pretty design that will suit anyone. It would be the perfect choice for the ladies who love the summer, the beach, or mermaids. You can add some color to it. 

You can make as a first tattoo as it is small and does not have much detail.


If you like floral tattoos, then this one is for you. We choose this time a poppy flower for its significative meanings such as peace, and these flowers are also used to remember fallen soldiers. 

We have a gorgeous poppy ankle tattoo. It starts at around the ankle bone and goes up onto the leg. The tattoo looks beautiful and bright that will suit anyone. 

You can recreate a similar one, or try to choose a different flower.


This tattoo idea is out of the box and looks original. We have a small teacup with three hearts. It is such a sweet and quirky idea. 

So, if you love cafes and hot drinks, then this tattoo is for you. You could even have a pretty vintage teacup design. 

If you want an unusual piece of body art, you have better try this one as soon as possible.


Snakes tattoos are original and can be a symbol of many things, some of which include: rebirth, immortality, wisdom, and more. 

This tattoo idea features a black inked snake. It starts on the foot and beautifully wraps around the ankle and up onto the leg. 

It will make you look edgy and stylish. Try to recreate with black ink or with color.

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Written by aicha

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