10 Trendy Braids Hairstyles To Try This Season

Fed up of poker-straight hair or unruly curly hair? Now is the perfect season to revamp your hair and experiment with new hairdos with these unconventional braids.

Besides being a classic, braid hairstyles are versatile and easy to pull off with any hair length and texture. They add a touch of romance and are practical for any season.

If you are feeling a little adventurous and you want to sport a new look, here are ten of the trendiest and easy hair braids you can try.

#1 The Classic Double French

For starters, spice up the classic French braid by making it double! Part your hair just in the middle from your forehead to your nape and divide it into two equal sections. 

Take the first section and do the classic braid by weaving three tiny parts from top to bottom and use a hair-tie to secure it. 

Repeat the same on the other side, and then you have your classic double French braid!

#4 The Braided Half-Up Do

This hairdo is perfect both for short and long hair, and you can try it on straight or curled hair. It is also ideal for those trying to grow out their bangs or hide oily hair. 

You can get this look by making three tiny fishtail braids above your forehead and connecting them on the crown of your head while leaving the rest of the hair to blend. 

Secure it with a clear hair-tie or accessories with trendy hair clips.

#6 Half Double Braids

To make your double braids look thicker, tease the roots above your ears and your crown. Then make two loose braids above your ears while leaving the rest of the hair. 

To add more volume, loosen strands of hair from the braid before tying it and twist some hair around the hair-tie to cover it and secure it with a hair clip.

#7 Pony Braid

Give your regular ponytail a gorgeous lift by braiding it. Do this by first tying your hair as high as possible, in the center between your ears. Tease it with a hairbrush or add volume with a hairspray. 

Next, make a French or Dutch braid and loosen it for more volume, then secure the tips with a transparent hair-tie and leave it loose.

#10 Milk Braids

Lastly, you can try the milk braids by starting the braid from above your ear and moving from behind towards the other ear. Braid it till the tip and pull it over to the other side to create a crown and pin it behind your ear. 

Then leave some strands around your face for a casual look or keep the braids tight for a more formal up-do. Whichever braids you try, make sure you have fun with it!

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