19 Trendy Women’s Dresses With Pockets

women's dresses with pockets

When it comes to clothing, it all comes down to comfort and practicality over anything. Whenever I shop, I specifically look for clothes that have pockets because it allows me to carry my essentials conveniently and gives me easier accessibility.


So already knowing what I want in a dress, helps me make my shopping so much smoother. But rather than going through shops after shops for that specific dress, I could conveniently take the comfort of online shopping and browse the selection of dresses just in a matter of minutes.

A considerable plus with online shopping is that you can buy clothes at a lower price, just like how Amazon has an array of dresses that meets all your demand at an affordable price.


Listed below are cute dresses, perfect for all-weather, fit to wear on any occasion, no doubt has the trendiest designs, and all that falls in an affordable price range. And one essential feature they have in common is the pockets.


Women’s Dresses With Pockets

With this promising list of trendy women’s dresses with pockets, you’ll get your hands on the most stylish attire that offers you with utmost comfort and convenience.


1. V-Neck Ruffle Sleeve Dress

women's dresses with pockets

This beautiful polka dot dress is by MITILLY, which has cute ruffle sleeves, a button-down front, waist tie, and pockets on each side. It comes with seven different color options to make sure that you find your color. You can style them either with a pair of heels or flats and still look undoubtedly fabulous.


2. BTFBM Loose Fit Tunic Dress

This comfortable and cute loose tunic dress is made from spandex and polyester. It is an easy, all-purpose oversize dress with a front-button, and of course, with the favorite jumbo pockets at the front. You can easily don them as a cover-up too.


3. A V-Neck Belted Bodycon Dress

This bodycon dress by PRETTYGARDEN is stylish looking, slightly above the knee dress, with a waist belt and pockets at each side. And these pockets do not stick out as is the case in most bodycon dresses with pockets.


4. GRECERELLE Racerback Maxi Dress

This is a solid looking maxi dress without sleeves, which is made with a blend of spandex and rayon. This dress is highly stylish and unique because of the racerback design. It offers a comfortable fit and has pockets at the sides that add to comfort and convenience.


5. A Halter Neck Dress

KILIG’s very own knee-length halter neck dress is everybody’s favorite because of their soft, breathable cotton, adorable design, and their adjustable halter tie. You can also have them in colorful floral patterns or various solid shades.


6. Spaghetti Strap Dress

It is a stunning midi length dress with a strap by Angashion. It has high-quality material and has faux buttons and two square pockets at the front. Another cool addition is its ruched elastic back offering a better fit for everyone. They have a wide range of colors and prints to choose from.


7. Off-The-Shoulder Mini Bodycon Dress

One of Amazon’s favorites is the HOOYON bodycon mini dress that comes with a belt tie and has two side pockets. It has a very stretchy fabric made of spandex and polyester, giving great fit and comfort. It comes in nine solid colors and also has some metallic options too.


8. Above The Knee T-shirt Dress With Pockets

This is a comfortable, casual t-shirt dress by KORSIS. They are flowy and come with side pockets. It has a wide collection of solid colors and various pattern options.


9. Annabelle Wrap Maxi Dress

This maxi dress is an especially cool looking versatile maxi dress with a faux wrap design. It is a v-neck dress, and the sleeves are quarter length. It has a very breathable fit because of the blend of polyester and spandex. They are versatile because you can style them in almost every way. It also comes in six different color options.


10. FANCYINN Backless Strap Dress

This is a classy and cute looking dress which features straps that are adjustable and are secured under the arm so that it leaves the back open. It is a short length skirt with pockets on the side. They are perfect for date nights, parties, etc.


11. Feager Striped Criss Cross Dress

This is a t-shirt dress with a crisscross back, giving it a little twist. It is made from spandex and polyester, and it also features pockets on the side. They come in various striped colors and floral patterns. 


12. VERABENDI Off-The-Shoulder Maxi Dress

The off-the-shoulder maxi dress is a fun-to-wear stylish looking dress with ruffles, side slits, and side pockets. You can always dress up or down with this one. It is available in 19 different color options, with various pattern selections. 


13. Luvamia Denim Overall Pinafore Dress

It is a comfortable, stretchy denim dress with crisscross straps that are adjustable. It has big pockets at the front. You can easily pair them with t-shirts or blouses.


14. KILIG Button Down Midi Dress

This button-down midi dress comes with long sleeves and two front pockets. They are comfortable to wear and give a stretchy fit. It is available in different color and pattern options.


15. PCEAIIH Cold Shoulder Flowy Dress

This is a lightweight loose fit dress with cold shoulder and comes with pockets that can easily hold all your essentials. They also come in 20 colors and different pattern options.


16. Nemidor Plus Size V-Neck Dress

This is a knee-length dress that features a cinched waist. It has a V-neck with pockets on the sides. People love the fact that it comes in plus sizes because they fit much better than the XXL sizes from the regular dresses. It also comes in various patterns.


17. Oxiuly Vintage Patchwork Dress

This vintage dress is one of the top picks on Amazon. It gives a very professional look with its solid color fitted top with a flared patterned skirt at the bottom. The skirt flows right below the knee and has pockets on the sides. A good thing about this dress is that it gives various selections of sleeve lengths.


18. MEROKEETY Striped T-Shirt Midi Dress

They are comfortable casual t-shirt dresses featuring two side pockets and a pocket in the front. You’ll love them because they give you personalized sleeve lengths. It has three other color options.


19. ETCYY Printed Tunic Dress

This dress by ETCYY is an attractive sleeveless dress that will offer you with the desired comfort while still looking effortlessly cute with its two side pockets. It is slightly loose-fitting, so it gives you the flexibility to style them any way you want. They also come in 13 different prints.


The above list of top 19 women’s dresses with pockets will positively deliver you the look and the convenience every woman wishes for in a dress.

Enjoy shopping!

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