A faithful dog rescue a little girl from drowning

It was a beautiful day at the beach; the weather was beautiful. The family was gathered having a good time with the little girl playing with her dog Matyas.

Until a wave crashed over the little girl and made her disappear for a few seconds, Quickly, the dog doesn’t hesitate and rush into the deep ocean to save the girl from drowning.

The story happened in in the ocean near Gouville-sur-Mer, France, the dog named Matyas was swimming with his owner and little daughter enjoying the good weather and the charming sunshine.

Suddenly, a big wave crashed over the girl and made her disappear. It leads to a panic attack for the father and the dog as well. They still can’t find the little girl, and since swimming seems impossible for the poor girl, the dog volunteered to rescue the girl before it’s too late.

It was a difficult time to witness by the father. He said, “ I’m so grateful to have a dog like Matyas. He was so brave and faithful. He pulled her out using his teeth. How brave he was! I was just amazed by the dog’s action. He continued dragging her to the beach”.

After the video was posted on social media, many users commented on this heartwarming scene :

One of the user’s comments, “It’s like having a guardian angel. Love you, Matyas!

Another said, “ How wonderful! I hope i can have a dog as loyal as Matyas.”


Dogs have always been man’s mate. To be sure, dogs are loyal, patient, fearless, forgiving, and capable of pure love. So don’t hesitate to own one, it will be your lifesaver.

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