A Friendship Between a Cat and a Lynx That Lasts For 12 Years

This story is about a Cat made friends with a wild lynx in a zoo, and now they’ve been inseparable for 12 Years. It all started when Linda was about 2 months old, the zoo workers decided to put a kitten who was the same age as her in her cage. The two animals were almost the same size, so they were really interested in each other.

For a short period, they were left together of time so that they could play, but zoo workers always kept an eye on them. After a while, when the experts were sure that the lynx and the cat had gotten used to each other, they were put in one enclosure to live together.


It’s pretty weird to see Linda and Dusya communicate and behave like ordinary cats, even rubbing against each other and grooming each other.

This experiment was made to show the visitors the difference between a domestic cat’s and a lynx’s behavior. In addition, this unusual environment helped to improve the living conditions of the lynx and gave her more opportunities to play with other animals.

They are really active, and they like to play with the toys that zoo workers bring them. But, there’s nothing better for them than an empty box. Linda, like an ordinary domestic cat, adores taking naps in these boxes.


The two friends even eat together, but, of course, their meals differ. In fact, Linda likes beef, rabbit meat, and chicken. On the contrary, Dusya adores minced fish, and she’s treated with the necessary vitamins.

The lucky Dusya has a small house with a narrow entrance where zoo workers put the bowl with food so that her big friend can’t steal it.

Despite their difference in size, Dusya is the leader in their relationship. Although Dusya is a domestic cat, she’s pretty wild. When zoo workers try to pet her, she doesn’t really like it.

Do you have a cat or any other pet? How long have you been living together?

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