Activist bringing Protests And Break The Law Because She’s Saving The Planet!

When 23-year old Emma Dorge appears in court, she will be relying on a unique defense.

Emma Dorge

She was charged with traffic offenses for blocking Brisbane streets during a protest to save the planet.

She said,” the planet needs to be saved”; “the Rules Have to change.”

“It’s an emergency defense, which allows for people breaking the law in an extraordinary emergency.” “The climate is in danger, and we are in the middle of a crisis. Climate activists were forced to break the law to avert a far more catastrophic outcome.”


Emma Dorge was one of 70 people arrested last month when the Extinction Rebellion organized a rally through Brisbane to raise awareness about climate change. They’ll be relying on the defense and hoping to set a new legal precedent.

According to ABC, this emergency defense has been used successfully in courtrooms around the world.  However, it has never been used in Australia.


If the defense gets accepted by the magistrate, it could set a daring legal precedent in Australia.


Ms. Dorge said:” We want the rest of Australia to wake up and take notice. Added: “Signing a petition or making a phone call does not force action to happen.”


“The streets were our main solution. Once you get that mass of people out there, the business can not continue, and Brisbane can’t continue to function as a city. So, politicians will listen to us and act.”

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