After ordering 5$ sandwich this man was shocked by what he receives

when hunger strikes you? what would you do? Have you been in a position that makes you deal with annoying and discomfort situation? Can you imagine being on a plane and suddenly you feel hungry? Well, this is the story of how a man felt when hunger strokes him on a recent flight from Bali to Australia.

Brighton-based marketing and events writer, Nick Mosley, really fancied a good sarnie during his Jetstar Airways plane journey, so he ordered himself a deli sandwich trio. But, unfortunately, when he received his sandwiches he felt less than impressed with the content. 

What makes him disappointed and rather than that his stomach remained empty !!

Nick was shocked to discover that it was somewhat lacking. One “mushy” sandwich contained some margarine and a single lettuce leaf, another was the same, but had a little bit of egg in it as well. 

After paying $9 AUS (just a little over 5$), for his lunch, he felt pissed off and needed a refund for the scam he dealt with.

He decided to share his misadventure on TWITTER by posting pictures of the sandwiches and their measly fillings. 

He wrote: “I must say @JetstarAirways have a cheek charging AUS$9 for sandwiches… without any fillings…”Great for their bottom line but not so good for filling the tums of customers.”

The Jetstar Airways, of course, replied to the tweet saying that they will look further into this issue. A spoken person for the company apologizes and offered Nick a full refund and added “ we apologize for the unusual lack of filling in Mr. Mosley ‘s sandwich and appreciate his comprehension.

 Saying: “It is unusual. We’ve passed the feedback onto our caterer.” 

Despite the apology, Nick added to the Sun that whether the price of the sandwich included in the price of the ticket or not, it must be decent and meets our expectation also has to be a reflection of the price. 

And what can be better than a good meal? “ We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of an opportunity to eat badly”.

What do you think?

Written by danny

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