Where to Buy PPE Face Shields for Under $3

Two women wearing a protective face mask and a plastic face shield on a London street.

With various jurisdictions reopening bars, businesses, and restaurants—and some having never closed in the first place—the “new normal” is starting to resemble the old normal more and more closely.

Some jurisdictions require cloth masks or stronger face coverings for people in public. Even where not required, many consider it a sign of respect—after all, face masks are more effective at preventing others from getting infected than they are for protecting the wearer.

However another kind of personal protective equipment (PPE) is popping up on the streets and in offices. The plastic face shield was most widely used by nurses, doctors, and first responders in medical settings, although employees at essential businesses like grocery stores were early adopters. Now consumers are waking up to the benefits of face shields over—or in addition to—face masks.

Experts are more hopeful about their effectiveness, noting a simulation study that demonstrated a 96% reduction in viral exposure within eighteen inches of a cough when the simulation subjects wore face shields.

The new coronavirus is known to find new host lungs to infect with the dangerous disease COVID-19 when the human host inhales water droplets exhaled by an infected human. However, a less-understood vector of transmission are the eyes. The measles and adenovirus are known to spread through the eyes.

It’s unknown as of yet if the new coronavirus transmits effectively through the eyes, but Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a key public face of the pandemic response in the US, went so far as to pay lip service to wearing goggles as a possible safety measure.

Cloth or stronger face masks provide no protection for the eyes, but plastic face shields do.

The jury is still out on the effectiveness of masks in reducing the spread of the new coronavirus, which causes the dangerous respiratory disease COVID-19. Assuming they offer some protection, however, they have certain self-evident benefits over face masks:

● Face masks are hot and uncomfortable, an increasing factor in warmer weather.

● Face masks can irritate the skin and cause glasses to fog up.

● Face masks hide smiles and make it harder for the hearing-impaired to read lips.

● Discarded face masks, whether on the floor or in public trash cans, may represent a transmission risk of their own.

Face shields may be most effective when paired with masks, especially in crowded office settings where maintaining social distance is difficult.

Where Can I Buy Affordable PPE Face Shields?

While paper or cloth masks are now widely available on the shelves of drug stores, availability of PPE face shields is not as widespread. Consumers should turn to eCommerce stores to find affordable PPE face shields with expedited shipping.

Honest PPE Supply is a relatively new eCommerce company that has a large supply of PPE face shields available to consumers with a quick 24 hour shipping turnaround. Their prices, quality and reviews are some of the best we’ve seen.


Their stock currently includes:

Adjustable Face Shields for $1.99 per unit (minimum order of 2).

TPE Face Shields (thermoplastic elastomer materials) for $2.99 per unit (minimum order of 2).

Frame Face Shields with replaceable visors for $2.50 per unit (minimum order of 2).

Replacement visors for $0.99 per unit (minimum order of 5).

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