Woman Was Offered A Bribe To Leave Her Partner Of Five Years For $10.000

“My fiancé’s parents gave me money to leave him and I took it” this is what has been said by this wife who chose to take $10.000 to leave her husband.


“Recently, we have been through problems.” She said, also she added “We were happy and we had moved in together after about two months of dating when we were in our early twenties and inexperienced at life. In fact, we were madly in love and I thought nothing could change that. Soon things changed between us ”

It’s true that not many of us could be bribed to break up with our significant other, but this woman has revealed that she did just that when she had no other choice. Would you do it and take $10,000  for leaving your partner?


She revealed that her in-laws hated her from the start and that she was surprised when she met them. She said “They made it clear since the begging, they thought Jeremy should be marrying a nice middle-class girl from Surry, where they were from. In fact, I wasn’t entirely sure whether they didn’t like me because I’d “trapped Jeremy by having his baby” (their words), or whether because they wanted him to move to England with them.” So they decided to give her a little incentive to “release Jeremy” from their relationship.


This what made her think of her future with him and their situation together because after they got engaged, she began to notice that he was changing, and becoming increasingly like his parents.

She also said: “He became extremely controlling. He wanted to know where I was almost every moment of the day, at one point he even said after we are married he wants to schedule out my day so he knows where I am at all times.” She found out that along with this he is an alcoholic who can become very belligerent when drunk. So for all these reasons, she couldn’t see any future in their relationship and decided to leave him.


It was too perfect of an opportunity to pass up, so she accepted the offer and took the $10,000. Then when the money appeared in her bank account, she told Jeremy she was leaving him.”


She tries to defend herself saying “I was planning on breaking up with him anyway, that was never going to change. The money though did help. Was I wrong to take it? His family mistreated me so at the time I just saw it as a way of repaying me for that.”


Many people reacted to this story and tell her that this was the right thing to do but others just don’t like it.


One has commented to this story saying: ” If you were going to break up with him anyway, then this might be a good opportunity to start fresh.”

and another replied: “I wouldn’t leave my partner for 10 million, no amount of money in the world would have been able to separate a couple .”

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