BBQ Chicken Sandwiches (13/15)

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Crockpots are a fantastic invention and so practical. You can throw everything into the pot in the morning, and when you get home later, your meal is ready. Before you go out, put a 3-4 defrosted chicken breasts in the crockpot and sprinkle with salt and garlic powder. 

Then, pour a jar of your favorite BBQ sauce over the chicken. Next, crack open a bottle of beer and pour it over the top instead of adding water. It will give it a little more flavor, but if you don’t want a beer, you could also use Root Beer.

It needs 6-8 hours, and before you eat shred the chicken with two forks and let it soak up the sauce. Finally, if you’re ready to eat, add the BBQ chicken to a bun.


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Written by danny

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