Bose SoundSport Wireless: (3/5)

The Bose SoundSport Wirelesses with a neckband cable incorporating a remote housing part-way down is comfortable to wear. The soft silicone rubber hooks make the fit secure enough for running or going to the gym.

The battery life lasts for six hours, but that should be more than enough for the average workout or commute.

There’s no cable socket for use when the battery runs out, so they won’t quite do for transatlantic flights.

Bose has been reinventing the way we experience sound for so long now. Their speakers and earphones are unbeatable when it comes to sound quality and noise cancellation.


  • They come in a unique design that sits in the ear perfectly.
  •  These headphones will be a source of envy for other music lovers.
  • The battery has a discharge duration of a good 6 hours making them worth every penny.
  • These earphones are built to resist sweat during your work out sessions and are sure never once to leave your ear.
  • They have Bluetooth and NFC pairing capability making them versatile and universal.


  1. Great design.
  2. Comfortable, even for extended periods.
  3. They can turn off on their own to save battery life.


  1. The shape of the ear tips looks weird.


Their technology assures you a balanced sound at any given volume. However, the ear-tips end up protruding out of the ears. So, if you are okay with this small inconvenience, these earphones are fantastic.


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Written by danny

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