Jaybird x3 Sport: (1/5)

These earphones are known for being one of the best headsets ever. But, Jaybirds can be pricier than other competitors; they justify prices by delivering some great features.

They come with a multitude of fitting options, with three different sizes of fins, Comply foam tips and silicone tips, as well as a shirt clip and two cable-shortening clips.

With a sweat-proof design, lightweight and compact build, and plenty of methods of securing them, the X3s are well equipped to handle the rigors of physical exercise.

An upgrade to Bluetooth 4.1 provides longer battery life (8 hours) and the ability to pair two devices, and support for the aforementioned MySound app makes for incredibly malleable sound.


  • The third generation of the X-Series Bluetooth headphones is even smaller with bigger sound, better battery, and our most secure-fit ever.
  •  X3 brings the Jaybird App experience to the X-Series for the first time.
  • The legendary X-Series battery life continues with 8 hours, allowing a full week of workouts on a single charge.
  • It imposes a style on your ears makes sure you have a filled-in ear.
  • It provides the extra advantage of some splendid noise isolation.

These earbuds will make you one of the most comfortable runners or workout freaks, enjoying some pretty solid and energetic sounds available.


  1. Great sound for the small size.
  2. Impressive battery life.
  3. Earphones come with a compact carrying case.
  4. Great noise isolation.
  5. Compact design.


  1. You may feel that the earphones aren’t as comfortable as you may like.


If you want to know what the main differences are between the X2 and X3, the X3 is smaller than the X2s, and the device has a new battery aimed at providing a better battery life.


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