Are You A True Joker Fan ?

Take this quiz to see if you are a true joker fan

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    The Joker was briefly seen in a 2002 episode of which television series?

    • Birds of Prey
    • Justice League
    • Friends
    • Smallville
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    The Joker’s origins are shrouded in mystery. Which of the following proper name is said to be his real name?

    • Harvey Dent
    • Edward Nigma
    • Jack Napier
    • Oswald
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    In 1988, DC Comics allowed readers to dial a 900 number to vote on whether the Joker would kill a hero in the pages of “Batman.” Who did fans allow the Joker to kill?

    • Batman
    • Batwomen
    • Commissioner Gordon
    • Robin
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    Who was the first actor to portray the Joker in a live-action adaptation?

    • Frank Gorshin
    • Cesar Romero
    • Jack Nicholson
    • Mark Hamill
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    What 1928 silent film inspired the look of the Joker?

    • Freaks
    • The Fantom of The Opera
    • The Man Who Laughs
    • Nosferatu
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    Before he became the Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime used a different alias in some comic continuity. What was it?

    • The Grinning Man
    • The Red Hood
    • The Jester
    • The Giggler
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    What year did the Joker make his first appearance in the pages of the “Batman” comic book?

    • 1940
    • 1950
    • 1955
    • 1960
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    The Joker was a popular Kenner action figure in the 1980s. What weapon came packaged with him?

    • A Gun
    • A Squirting Flower
    • A Mallet
    • Toxic Gas


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